Diamond Beach Village is an eco lodge, we try oyr best to minimise our impact on the environment. Here are some of the things we do at Diamond to make a difference. we are always striving to decrease our footprint on the environment.



Energy consumption:

We are now 100% solar, all rooms have 12v solar lights which means guests have lights all night if needed. The main charging point is in the library for cameras phones etc. We also run 1 freezer on solar power.

We have just built a charcoal cool room for vegetables.


Water is a big issue on Manda, there is no fresh water table. Diamond is 100% reliant on rain water caught in our under ground tank.  All grey water: kitchen, showers, sinks and laundry water is re-used on the garden. We encourage guests to minimize water usage and our staff are well trained in conserving water.


All waste is separated into 3 sections: Paper which gets burned daily. Compost: fruit and veg. scraps which are collected for local donkeys. Plastics which go to the dump in Lamu .

All rooms have locally woven baskets for guests to take to Lamu so that they don't come back with plastic bags. Hotel shopping is done in baskets to avoid plastics coming back. All beer and soft drinks are in recyclable bottles which get returned and re-used.

We are setting up meetings with the local community to see how we can come together in managing waste on Manda. We are currently looking into recycling programs together with Lamu and Shela.

Hard plastics are kept and sent to Watamu where they are recycled and we are planning to implement more recycling initiatives in the future.

Diamond beach organizes regular beach cleaning with the local community.

Manda Cleanup:

Employment and resource:

All of the staff at Diamond are from the coast. The hotel is made out of local materials and built by local skilled builders. All of the produce for the restaurant is sourced locally, nothing is flown in from Nairobi. Any produce grown on Manda is purchased from local farmers although it is minimal as it is only grown in the rainy season.


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