Lamu and Around

Shela village is only a 5 minute boat ride away across the channel, Peponi Hotel, with its bustling bar and five star restaurant is an interesting alternative to the tranquillity of Diamond.. There are also a variety of shops selling local gifts.

Lamu, the oldest town in East Africa is more of a working town.¬†You can visit the market and wander around the narrow streets, visit the Swahili museum, eat and drink locally and generally get a feel for this Muslim island town. It takes 30 minutes to get to Lamu town on “Diamond” or you can hire a speed boat and be there in five minutes.

Diamond Beach Village has a small coral reef conveniently situated a stone’s throw from the beach. It is a safe and easy way for kids of all ages to view the underwater world. There is a vast array of colourful fish that inhabit this reef and everyday there is something new to see.

Snorkelling is seasonal and is good from October through to April.  Snorkelling trips can also be arranged to a larger reef which is an hour and a half boat ride away.

A 10 minute walk along the shore line leads you to the point of Manda where the channel meets the open sea. Along the way it is possible to see the colonial history of Lamu district evident in the ruins with rusty cannons inside. Dhows sail past but it is unlikely you will meet another person on this rugged stretch of coast. Our resident dogs will keep you company and amused as they chase birds along the way. You can also take a guided walk to the ruins of an old Swahili settlement, Takwa, which was built in the 16th century. This walk takes you through the heart of the island where you pass the quarry where locals cut out the coral by hand for their traditional building blocks.


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