Boat Trips and Sports

Sailing through the channel is a wonderful way to view the African sunset. Local dhows can be arranged from Diamond to take you on a 1 hour sail or a full day trip around the islands.


The channel that divides Lamu from Manda provides the ideal opportunity for windsurfing. Kitesurfing is becoming very popular in Lamu too.  You can guarantee the wind will pick up at midday making perfect conditions for kitsurfing and windsurfing. Winds are best in July, August, September and late December, January and February.


Diamond Beach Village has a small coral reef conveniently situated a stone’s throw from the beach. It is a safe and easy way for kids of all ages to view the underwater world. There is a vast array of colourful fish that inhabit this reef and everyday there is something new to see.

Snorkelling is seasonal and is good from October through to April.  Snorkelling trips can be arranged to a larger reef which is an hour and a half boat ride away. The crew cook a BBQ fish lunch which many say is the best food they have ever had!


For those who like to pass the days fishing, then this is the place to hand line off the beach or from the back of the boat on the way to Lamu or Shela. For the more enthusiastic, trips can be arranged to the open ocean either on a dhow. or on a modern speed boat with all the top of the range equipment. Anything caught can be cooked just the way you like it by our chefs.


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